The natural touch reflects our belief in the benefits of nature and touching your life in a positive, caring way with effective and proven natural products.

Your incredible skin

Our bodies are wrapped in a two-metre blanket of skin that is sensitive to the power of touch and to every ingredient that comes into contact with it. In fact, skin is our largest and most sensitive organ, providing a protective barrier between our internal body systems and the outside world.

Skin’s sensitivity to touch allows us to feel heat, cold, smoothness, itch, tickles and pain. Through these sensations, our skin provides our brains with a wealth of information to interpret the world around us. Without our sense of touch, we wouldn’t feel our feet hitting the ground when we walk, know to take our hands away from a hot grill, or experience the warmth of another person wrapping their arms around us.

The beautiful power of touch

Touch is the first sense that human babies develop (just days after conception) and touch is emotionally central to our lives. Touch is the only sense that doesn’t lose its power as we age — it actually becomes stronger. We use touch as a language: to instantly community joy, empathy, gratitude and love. We feel more connected to others through the power of touch.

Depriving babies of touch affects their physical, emotional and intellectual development, while connecting with your baby through touch helps develop parent-baby bonding and stroking your baby’s silky skin through massage helps to build trust and releases feel-good hormones that help development.

A more natural way to care

In the same way that your skin is sensitive to touch, your skin is sensitive to and interacts with every ingredient it comes into contact with. Skincare ingredients pass through your skin, into your blood and lymph system and then into other parts of your body.

By choosing natural and organic ingredients in the products you use on your skin, you are choosing a more natural way to connect with your own health and the health of your family.

When you choose Natralus’ skin-loving products for yourself, your family and friends, you extend the benefits of nature and the power of touch to protect and care for the people you love.