Why Choose Natralus?

Petroleum Jelly is often the main ingredient in skincare products such as Paw Paw Ointment. However, here at Natralus we have a natural alternative that does not contain any petroleum jelly. Our Essential Paw Paw Ointment soothes, protects and restores your lips and skin, with double the organic Paw Paw and no petrolatum.

Why use products that contain petroleum jelly when there are safer, petroleum free options available that are healthier, and work much better on your skin. Natralus natural alternative helps to soothe, protect and restore the skin without suffocating the pores and exposing it to dangerous chemicals.

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What the leading brand does not want you to know

The leading brand and many other new beauty products on the market these days all claim to be natural, and without any harmful chemicals, if you looked into the ingredients included in these products you would be surprised as to what was actually inside these products and what the dangers are of putting these on your skin. The truth is that not all ingredients are great for your skin and health, some are downright dangerous.

One ingredient is petroleum. If you look into the meaning of Petroleum you will find that it is a liquid mixture which is extracted and refined to produce fuels including petrol, paraffin, and diesel oil. So why would you want to put this on your skin?

Research has found that the side effects of petrolatum on the skin may include suffocation of the skin, premature aging and aggravated acne. When you buy skincare for yourself do you want to think that the products that you may be putting on your skin will potentially lead to premature aging? Why would you spend big dollars on a product that does the exact opposite of what it is advertised to be?

Petroleum is marketed as a hydrating and restoring moisturising agent; however, it essentially does the exact opposite of moisturising, it does nothing to heal or moisture the skin. Petrolatum also interferes with the body’s natural moisturising mechanism and therefore leads to dryness and chapping over time.

Remember, It’s Your Choice.